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Yama and Niyam

Yoga Sutras are itself beautiful and amazing journey to read. One can go through the amazing and fabulous commentary given by His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Commentary by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar are available at below location.

In this article we will briefly look into eight limbs of Patanjali Yoga Sutras and how we can apply yama and niyam during these tough times, where we collectively have to fight against Corona Virus. Our Ancient Vedic wisdom has the ability and capabilities to beat corona virus.




pranayama=regulation of breath;

pratyahara=substitute food for the mind;

dharana=ability to focus;


samadhi=higher states of consciousness;

By the sustained practice of the eight limbs of yoga, the impurities are destroyed and the light of wisdom, discrimination shines forth.

Yama and Niyama

1.) YAMA :

a.) Ahimsa

b.) Satya

c.) Asteya


a.) Sauch

c.) Tapa

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The importance of Yama and Niyama of Yoga Sutras of Maharishi Patanjali in these times. We can beat Corona Virus by knowing the importance of yama and niyama at this time by following social distancing and stay safe. #BeatCoronaVirus YAMA

Ahimsa : We can prefer vegetarian food. Satya : We can monitor and not hide any symptoms and travel iteranary in last few weeks. Asteya : Being generous to people by not capitalizing on essential things. Brahmacharya: Avoiding socializing. Aparigraha: By do not unnecessarily hoarding food items and other essential.


Sauch: By keeping hands clean and sanitized and wearing mask as required. Santosha: By sense of appreciation for people working hard to contain the disease. Tapa: By engaging in our work by using alternative means to the best of our ability. Swadhaya: By mindful and cautious about surroundings and observing the turmoil going on within without reacting. Ishwar pranidhana: Have deep trust in life and know - This phase will pass too...


Yama - Ahimsa

When you are established in truth then the fruits of action will follow.

Yama - Asteya

When non-stealing is established, all the jewels (wealth) approach the person.

The literal meaning of Brahmacharya is celibacy. Celibacy brings you strength, lots of strength.

Yama - Aparigraha

Non-accumulating simply means confidence in one's existence. Confidence is in one's ability. Knowledge of one's self.

Niyama - Sauch

The first personal ethics of yoga or niyama is about cleanliness or saucha. Two types of cleanliness are emphasized. The first is physical purity,keeping oneself clean. There are people who do not take bath for several days. They just put on perfumes. This is not cleanliness.Water should run through this body, both inside and outside.You have to drink enough water, and let water run through the system. Water is the greatest purifier for this physical body.

Also cleanliness in the environment. If you are used to being unclean, then you do not feel that it (you or your environment) is unclean.

Saucha, as enunciated in the Yoga Sutras of Maharishi Patanjali, advocates purity and cleanliness as a key foundation for yogic life. Saucha in its deeper sense also includes avoiding unnecessary physical contact and intimacy. The self-discipline of eating healthy and chemical-free food which keeps us clean from within is complementary to saucha. It also includes the discipline to sleep enough, to work out, to meditate and the like, anything that leads to purification of our system. Making asanas, pranayamas and meditation an integral part of lifestyle can go a long way in boosting one’s immunity and keeping the Coronavirus at bay.

Niyama - Santosha

Santosha is a practice. Being unconditionally happy is a practice.

Come what may today I am going to smile, anyway everyone is going to die. Everything is going to vanish and disappear, so what? Let me be at least happy. Smile this very moment and enjoy my very breath if not nothing (else).

Niyama - Swadhaya

Swadhyaya or self-study is unfortunately called the study of scriptures and books. In a way it is correct, but not just that. The scriptures and books are only aids in the study of the self. Just reading scriptures without any experience is of no use.

Ishwara pranidhana means letting go and surrendering to the higher self, to the divine. Seeing life with context to the universe. This universe which is so vast, enormous has been here for millions of years, billions of years and will continue to be here for billions of years.

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