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My Mentors - The Art Of Living

I am great-full and thankful to Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar because I got such an amazing and dynamic mentors in my life.

First Happiness Teachers : Rohit & Deepa

Second Happiness Teachers : Poonam Di & Vivek Bhaiya

My journey with Art Of Living started two years back on 14th Aug 2018. One of my close friend Gagan Jolly introduced me to "The Art Of Living Teacher" Deepa Biswas who further introduced to her husband "Rohit Jain" - a ture yogi. In the month of Nov 2018, We went to AOL Bangalore International Ashram for Vigyan Bhariva with Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar where I met with other dynamic teachers Poonam Maini and Vivek Maini.

Thank you for being with me!

Journey started on Aug 2018 with these people turned out to be life transforming for me. I have did lot of AOL programs with them and they are simply awesome. I would recommend you to meet them and do Happiness Program with them and keep repeating it.


Let me introduce you to my AOL Teachers!

It was in the summer of 2012 that he finally experienced Meditation. A completely new world opened up for him and it looked like his childhood search had bore fruit.That day he made a choice (more about it later) and it did turn out to be life transforming.

Handsome | Knowledgeable | Motivational

Checkout Rohit Jain's Medium Articles by clicking here.

She is my Devi!



Devil ( :P )




Consultant | Always Happy | Contented

You can reach out to Deepa Biswas's Facebook profile by clicking here.

Dynamic Happiness and Yes+ Teacher

Health Conscious

Business Woman | Beautiful Lady | Knowledgeable | Motivational

You can reach out to Poonam Maini's Facebook profile by clicking here.





Business Man | Dynamic Leader | Inspirational

You can reach out to him by Poonam Maini's Facebook profile by clicking here.

Thank You Rohit and Deepa for being with us.

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