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HTML & CSS Interview Questions

As an Full Stack professional, it is essential to know the HTML & CSS as well and prepare the right answers to commonly asked HTML & CSS Interview Questions.

I have seen people with UI/UX advance development who have mind set of UX designer approach but for full stack professional, it is essential to know basic HTML as well so that UI can be developed and UI related issues can be handled so let’s look into some basic HTML questions which can be asked in the interview.

Here’s a definitive list of top 30 HTML/CSS Questions.

Question 1.) What are Tags? Question 2.) What is the use of an iframe tag? Question 3.) What are empty elements? Question 4.) What is a style sheet? Question 5.) Explain the layout of HTML? Question 6.) What is semantic HTML? Question 7.) What is the difference between DIV and SPAN in HTML? Question 8.) How to create a new HTML element? Question 9.) What are the limits of the text field size? Question 10.) What are the different new form element types in HTML 5? Question 11.) How to create a nested webpage in HTML? Question 12.) What are the new <input> types for form validation in HTML5? Question 13.) Why is the external style sheet useful? Question 14.) How do we make a rounded corner by using CSS? Question 15.) What are gradients in CSS? Question 16.) Differentiate between the ID and class. Question 17.) What is CSS flexbox? Question 18.) How to align image vertically in a division that spans vertically on the whole webpage? Question 19.) What is the difference between padding and margin? Question 20.) What is the use of the Box Model in CSS? Question 21.) What is a CSS pseudo-class? Question 22.) Explain the concept of pseudo-elements in CSS. Question 23.) What is CSS opacity? Question 24.) What all the position states used in CSS. Question 25.) What are the differences between relative and absolute in CSS? Question 26.) Define ‘important’ declarations used in CSS. Question 27.) How is the concept of inheritance applied in CSS? Question 28.) What is Descendant Selector? Question 29.) What is a child selector? Question 30.) What is Cell Spacing and Cell Padding? Question 31.) How can you apply JavaScript to a web page?


I hope these set of questions would help you to prepare for HTML/CSS FOR full-stack developer Interview.

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