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CMT - Create, Manage, and Transform

Introduction to Development, Management and Transformation (DMT or CMT) Cycle.


Create - Problems are analysed and solutions are developed using Platform, frameworks and technologies.

Manage - Solutions build are organised using management frameworks such as Lean, SiX Sigma, PMP, PRINCE 2, ITIL, Agile and scaled agile as shown in figure CMT Cycle.

Transform - As new technology evolves and on the bases of experience, domain knowledge and feedbacks, solutions are transformed using emerging technology as innovative solutions and innovative processes.

Hence this is endless cycle till human existence.

"Solutions are designed, created and developed by analysing the problem and the available technologies, frameworks, and platforms"
"These solutions are managed by using frameworks such as Agile, ITIL, SiX Sigma, Lean, Prince 2, PMP which help us to plan the project to develop solutions with appropriate staffing and monitor the effort used to build the solution. Solution can be in the form of Process Innovation, Product, Tool, or Service"
"In this changing world new concepts, ideas, and emerging technologies would lead us towards the transformation of existing Process, Project, Product, Tool, or Services"

CMT is the building block of the organisations. To support these building blocks we have different departments in the organisation to fulfil the vision, mission, and values of the organisation.

Reporting and Analytics would enhance the decision making power of the Organisation so that they would be able to provide their services and products efficiently to their clients.

Human Resources would ensure that right people are joining the organisation to fulfil the organisation’s need to run smoothly and would take the concerns of Employee and provide collaborative as well as individual concerns to higher management and employer.

Finance would take care and ensure the money flow within and out the organisation such as payment to vendor and employee of the organisation. it handles in and out of the finances.

Audit ensure the smooth working of organisation by executing general audit within the organisation.

Marketing would ensure that the right people at right time would get awareness about the services and products provided by Organisation.

Branding would help organisation to build their name and provides mission vision and values in the market.

Knowledge and Skillset of employee should be revised and revived time to time within organisation which includes top management as well.

Organisation Data should be handled correctly, it would help organisation while transforming organisational structure and taking effective decisions.

"I would like to conclude that, to transform and build innovative solutions, Strategy (Neeti) should be made according to law of nature (Niyam)"
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