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Angular Interview Questions

As an Angular professional, it is essential to know the right buzzwords, learn the right technologies and prepare the right answers to commonly asked Angular Interview Questions. Here’s a definitive list of top 20 Angular Interview Questions.

Question 1: Please explain the various features of Angular.

Question 2: Name the building blocks of Angular.

Question 3: Demonstrate navigating between different routes in an Angular application.

Question 4: Could you explain services in Angular?

Question 5: Let us know advantages and disadvantages of using Angular over React and Vue?

Question 6: What is interpolation in Angular?

Question 7: Explain Angular Authentication and Authorization.

Question 8: How do Observable differ from Promises?

Question 9: Please explain the difference between Angular and AngularJS?

Question 10: Explain the difference between an Annotation and a Decorator in Angular?

Question 11: What are directives in Angular?

Question 12: What is AOT (Ahead-Of-Time) Compilation?

Question 14: What is the use of @Input and @Output?

Question 14: What is RouterOutlet?

Question 14:What is the purpose of a filter in Angular?

Question 15:What is an AsyncPipe in Angular?

Question 16:Differentiate between ng-Class and ng-Style.

Question 17:In how many ways the Data Binding can be done?

Question 18:What is Event bubbling?

Question 19:Explain life cycle hook?

Advance Angular Questions

Question 20: What is Data Binding? How many ways it can be done?

Question 21: Can you draw a comparison between the service() and the factory() functions?

Question 22: What are Angular Global APIs?

Angular Architecture

Question23: Can you give us an overview of Angular architecture?

Angular Architecture in detail:

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